The brainchild of Jerome Lam and Jereborne Lam, Two Men Bagel House came to fruition in 2014. Through a mix of pure grit, hard work, and a bit of yeast, what ensued was a journey culminating in a house and brand built upon the pillars of Bagels, Coffee and Humanity.

What was initially going to be a house built upon frankfurters and oblong shaped buns, Jerome and Jereborne decided that “hotdog house” didn’t have the same ring to it, so they scrapped that idea and laid the foundation with a more sturdy medium. With only a couple of dollars in their bank accounts and literally no experience in running a business, it was do or die. Setting up shop in a quiet corner of Tanjong Pagar, they didn’t let the slow foot traffic, nor the fact that they were severely understaffed deter them (some days Jerome was the only one running the shop). They even looked past the ominous nickname of the mall they were in.

Notoriously referred to as ‘The graveyard of FnB’s’, the boys soldiered on fighting through a slew of ghastly occurrences, a right of passage that’s become synonymous with Singapore’s notoriously high Food and Beverage business turnover. From staff members walking out during service, to zero sale days, the road was long and arduous, but eventually all storms pass, all rudders run straight, and from out the blackness came stability and strength.

With a commitment to quality and ‘doing it the hard way’ the bagel house strives to continuously reinvent and adapt, bringing fresh concepts, and fresh bagels. And we’re just getting started.