Words by Tsaqif Fadali

25 January 2021
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Amidst all the chaos during this pandemic, the feeling of community has never been more important. We treasure the times we could hang out in big groups without having to feel like a fugitive or even ordering a cheeky one at a bar after 10:30pm. The seriousness of this pandemic has forced us into a state of solemnity and intense reflection. But as Ralph Waldo Emerson cleverly puts it, bad times have a scientific value - these are occasions a good learner would not miss.

With the support of Vans Singapore, Lydia or better known as @oakandbindi on social media debuted her 7-piece art exhibition titled “House upon a Rock” at TMBH Holland Village this week.

Inspired by Kanye West’s coming to faith, Lydia forayed into a different medium as she moved away from her usual concrete walls to finely woven canvas. With hopes of spreading the message of joy and faith through her love for God, she dug deep accompanying every painting with ardent bible verses. Lydia has mastered the art (literally) of combining religion and art which could only be described as art in its purest state.

“People are doing cool shit
and people need to see it!”

Lydia’s exhibition and her recent t-shirt collaboration with the iconic brand come as part of Vans’ constant bid to provide local artists with regional visibility as well as opportunities under the Off The Wall Art Collection. From Malaysia to China, Lydia’s own Off The Wall Art Collection design is made available across the region. As Eli, the Senior Marketing Manager of Vans Singapore aptly puts it, “People are doing cool shit and people need to see it!”

Vans has played a crucial role in shaping the local art scene - continuously ensuring local artists have a conducive environment to grow and make their mark. The kampung nature in which the local art scene functions has inculcated a strong sense of community and belonging within it. Just like how Futura was always hanging out with Keith Haring back in the day, the Singaporean scene has reached a level where artists are constantly working on new pieces together and supporting each other’s exhibition.

There is no denying that COVID-19 has fucked us over, one way or another as we continue to deliberate the day we no longer have to wear bras on our faces. Vans had originally planned out 2020 to be jam-packed with events but all of that has been swabbed out for smaller-scale ones with the whole hearted intent of  capturing the entire essence of Off The Wall.

Till 2021 then bud.

Credits | Image Credit
Lydia Yang, Oak and Bindi