Novena was our home away from home, our first step into the unknown. We wanted a location that was new and fresh, a place where we could imbue our character. Awkwardly located among a slew of lifestyle shops, hospitals and clinics; it would be the last place you’d expect to see a bagel house, what more a smokehouse.

Primed with a sense of purpose fresh from an inspirational trip to london, we were incredibly motivated to recreate the smokehouse experience. After months of arduous planning and taking into account the limitations of the premises, we rolled out ye olde combi oven for another tour of duty. Combining it with the use of hickory wood chips and ogatan charcoal we discovered that we could replicate the flavour of a smokehouse in a form suitable to Novena’s neighborhood.

Our pseudo pitmasters ensure that every piece of meat from the burnt ends to the brisket leaves your heart, and belly full.